Sindhi Culture

sindhi culture is one of the oldest culture in the sub continent the sindhi culture in Pakistan is also richest this tradition includes sindhi Topi ajrak and his own cultural dresses

Culture is a very dynamic and significant aspect of life

Culture is a very dynamic and significant aspect of life. It is highly inclusive and has a vast horizon that implies both material and non-material aspects. Set of shared values, norms, mores, folkways, language, customs, and traditions is generally attributed to its essence, which reflect all the way of life.
Throughout the world, nations have their distinctive culture that distinguishes them from one another. It is dominant over their political, economic, religious and social aspects and contributes a lot to their progress. It has a distinction of being very important, in upholding the identity of nations in the world.

Sindh has a very rich culture that is significantly known over the world. We have historical evidences, which manifest its deep roots in society. Hospitality, peace-loving attitude, strong cultural and social values etc, are some of the well-known features of Sindhi culture. As everything is subject to change, new inventions and innovations have definitely caused many changes in our culture from time to time.
Further technological advances in the modes of communication have paved the way for frequent interaction and co-ordination among the societies, which have brought more and more diffusion to our culture. Thus Media, particularly electronic ones, have had overwhelming impact on Sindhi Culture.

On the one hand they have kept us aware of what is happening around world. Further they have created social awareness in the society that has helped people to know about their rights and diagnose problems and their solutions. Moreover media have helped in raising literacy ratio, values of women empowerment and self-esteem and established cohesive bond among various institutions of the society.

People have dared to abolish their outdated norms and values and have replaced them with new ones. Criminal activities can easily be monitored and traced. Atrocities carried out by influentials against farmers, laborers, women and minorities no longer remain hidden. It is indeed a positive role of Sindhi electronic media that should always be encouraged so that they may flourish and develop during the course of time.
But on other hand, Sindhi electronic media have left no stone unturned in defaming and demoting our culture. Some of the their negative aspects are described here.

Despite the fact that we have glorious rural life/ culture, our media have embarked on depicting it as the most backward one. Villages are portrayed as only the properties of the Feudals and hangouts of crimes such as murders, rapes, robberies, Honor-killings and subjugation of rights of poor.
Most of the dramas and programs show pathetic picture of our rural culture. In fact it is a one sided picture. We know very well the glory of our rural culture. One finds high sense of unity, we-feeling, and co-operation among various tribes and communities in villages.
They have very strong sentiments and emotional feelings for one another. Moreover, historic festivals, fairs, sports and other celebrations glorify rural culture that is ignored altogether by media. So merely minority of the people might have some negative values, which must not be attributed to the majority.
Most of the dramas and stories being shown on T.V channels represent Sindhi people as orthodox and obscurantist. It implies that we are lethargic and less receptive to social change and do not allow any progress in the society. Taboos on women education, co-education, women mobility, women employment and love marriage characterize the elements of obscurantism in our culture.
It seems that our culture supports only extremism and fundamentalism. As a result we may be lagging behind and may not go along the world. This is contrary to what our culture actually is and how receptive it is to change. So Sindhi media try to project this image at the expense of our rich values and norms and thus leave an ignominious impression in the world.
Ignoring the fact that how adverse will be the effects of what is being portrayed on channels, media seem to have launched media trial against our people and culture. Bulk of the dramas contains gun-related stories, which entail murders, rapes, kidnappings, thefts, robberies etc. In these dramas, mostly young men are depicted as carrying and operating weapons irrespective of any fear.
Our teenagers are easily influenced by power-displaying character of these dramas. As a result of that unemployed and poor youths tend to adopt the same profession. They appear to have no vision in life and become fruitless for their parents. Thus they are socialized in this way and create several problems for the society. Moreover Police and other law and enforcement agencies are shown as in-operational, irresponsible and prostrated before feudals, which is tantamount to their disgrace.
It seems that people of sindh like watching these sorts of dramas and believe in gun-culture. Also it characterizes that we are criminal-prone and our culture is dispute-oriented. Internationally we may be dubbed as volatile and violent nation that believes in inhuman actions. This entirely negates our dominant social, cultural and religious values.
nstead of making joint efforts to curb the menace of Karo Kari, our media seem to be engaged in proliferating the culture of Karo Kari and other gender discriminations. Although every stakeholder of the society condemns and rejects the act of killings of people on any ground, Sindhi media develop the perception as if we all are killing prone and blood sucking. Also it leaves the impression that Sindhi culture legitimatizes every inhuman act and protects the offender.
Mostly women are shown as the victim of this barbarism that indicates we have male dominant and orthodox society that does not preserve rights of women. Further, major roles and statuses of women like Doctors, Engineers, Politicians, Businesspersons, Professors, and Soldiers are not depicted in dramas and programs rather only their normal statuses are portrayed.

Hence internationally we may be perceived as the most violators of human rights in this region and this perception may lead us towards marginality and isolation in the world. Further people around the world may make mockery of our culture on the ground that the culture that once claimed of being champion of women rights now has accepted all the inhuman actions carried out against women.
Moreover, Our relations with the international community would not be strong anymore as our image suffers ignominy. So our electronic media seem to have adopted the policy of demoting Sindhi culture instead of promoting it.

Sindhi media have embarked on plagiarism and artificial picture of our culture. Number of dramas and advertisements contain the material and roles supporting the foreign values and harming local ones. Indian and western dressing and values are being internalized in our culture to make the world feel that we have become so modern and developed.
Some channels have plagiarized Indian dramas and stories, which do not resemble with the culture of Sindh. This is totally an artificial and exaggerated outlook of our culture. This has not only caused diffusion to our culture but promoted cultural imperialism in the region that is in all ways detrimental to the social and cultural identity of Sindh and Sindhi people.
Contrary to our highly ethics oriented, long established and long-practiced decent values and norms, electronic media have started using obscenity and vulgarity to enhance their business. Most of the musical programs contain vulgar scenes and obscene dressings. Moreover obscenity has created many problems and has corrosive impact on our society.
Vulgar songs, dressings, and dialogues easily pervert our teenagers. Thus they are likely to behave immorally and involve in unethical activities. We have problems of juvenile delinquency, gender and child abuse, women harassment, and abduction and rape incidents. Our social institutions like family and education become the subjects of these problems and loose control over their members.
As a result, society as a whole becomes a web of crimes and situation moves from bad to worse. And it is very difficult to socialize the members of society without the help of positive media.
Our media have generally focused on material aspect of culture that has created cultural lag in the society. One hand most of the dramas, programs and advertisements contain material outlook, like- exposure of big bungalows, luxurious cars, expensive food and dressing style etc.
On the other hand, importance of language, norms, values, emotions, feelings, mores, and traditions has got less coverage. So nonmaterial significance of our culture has not been highlighted in the world. Moreover it has created more and more stratification and gap between "haves" and" haves not" in the society.
Following it, we face problems like; corruption, robbery, snatching, smuggling, theft etc. Poor fellow feel deprived of their material things and are prone to using unfair and illegal means for gains and demands. This leads to instability in the society. Ultimately instability will result in the decline of social institutions, which could be detrimental to the existence of society.
Our media have ignored high profile personalities in their dramas and stories who are not only well known over the world but made role models for their visionary thoughts and ideal life. They have indeed made enormous contribution to the progress of Sindh, of whom are; Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai, Sufi Shah Inayat Shaheed, Sachal Sarmast, (Sufis and Poets), Dodo Soomro, Hosho Sheedi, Allah Bux Soomro, Haider Bux Jatoi, G M Syed, Allama Daoodpoto, Allama I.I Kazi, Makhdoom Talib-e-Moula, Syed Sibgatullah Shah Rashidi, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Shaheed Zulifiqar Ali Bhutto, and Shaheed Muhtarma Benazir Bhutto.
Our media have hardly highlighted the significant roles of these legends and conveyed the message they delivered. It is one of the unfortune of our media that they have failed to enhance glorious picture of Sindhi culture.
Historical and cultural places and monuments have gained not enough media coverage and attention, which is one of the major shortcomings of our electronic media. Moen-jo-daro, Rani Kot, Kotdigi Fort, Ummer Kot Fort, Shah-Jahan Mosque Thatta, Faiz Mehal Khairpur and many other places reflect the glorious out look of Sindhi culture but have ignored altogether.
For their maintenance and preservation, our media have hardly raised any voice and seem to be lethargic in this regard. The glory of these places and monuments seems to be fading away owing to reckless negligence of both the government and media. The actual beauty of these places has not been highlighted.
TO CONCLUDE, These are some of the negative aspects on the part of Sindhi Electronic media. Despite the fact that Sindhi media are flourishing, the beauty of our culture is not signified the way it is supposed to be done. So they do not only try to malign our culture but also destroy themselves as a social institution.
Moreover media are the one, which reflect the society and culture and project the image the world over. Their business and personal interests ought not to be at the expense of social, cultural and historical identity of Sindhi society.
They should realize the responsibility that lies on their shoulders. Hence they must play their constructive role in the society and contribute significantly to the enhancement of culture so that we may prove our selves one of the civilized nations having rich culture.

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